Free hosting for sites participating in the SOPA & PIPA blackout

Positive Internet is pleased to offer free hosting for sites participating in the SOPA & PIPA blackout today, January 18, 2012

The Positive Internet Company, a specialist GNU/Linux hosting, cloud services provider and Free and Open Source software advocate, supports its clients who are shutting down their websites on January 18, 2012 in opposition to the pending US SOPA and PIPA legislation by providing a them with free hosting and managed services for the duration their site is blacked out.

"Our clients, whether big or small businesses, are making a great sacrifice by shutting their sites down for an entire day to educate their users about, and protest against, these potential laws that seek to restrict Internet usage and we want to do all we can to support them in this important stand for Internet freedom," says Scott Molski, Vice President with Positive Internet. He continues, "it's a small sacrifice that all hosting providers who care about their customers and and the future of the Internet should make. We ask all of our hosting colleagues to join us in providing this aid to these sites and applications who are turning off their businesses to stand up for what's right."
Nick Mailer, founder of The Positive Internet Company and veteran Free and Open Source software evangelist adds that "SOPA and PIPA represent the latest in a decade-long string of attacks against the core principles of network self-determination and liberty. These principles have been the bedrock of the Internet's success, and are not simply ethical niceties but at the basis of its use in a properly free market. As with previous threats, we will not allow our species' communicative freedom to be held hostage by a handful of old-media oligarchies."

The Positive Internet Company is a leading managed services and hosting provider specializing in open source and Free software. Positive partners with startups, small businesses and some of the world's largest organizations including popular media sites like Rocks Paper Shotgun and Stephen Fry, major broadcasters like the BBC, banks, financial services firms, NGOs, political parties and entertainment groups, including the ever-popular 'Angry Birds' franchise. Positive has become the preferred choice for Free and open source managed hosting and cloud services, standards compliance, security and disaster-recovery.

Positive is also hosting a number of free educational events to discuss SOPA & PIPA, "cloud computing", and how to get the most out of and avoid the pitfalls of "the cloud". Speakers include Richard Stallman, President of the Free Software Foundation, Nick Mailer, co-founder of The Positive Internet Company, and Yuriy Rusko, co-founder of Forumatic and contributor to PHPBB, the leading Free and Open forum and community software. Register today at http://www.positive-internet.com/events. Events from January 19-25 in Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey.

For more information, questions, etc. contact:
Scott Molski
+1 646 660 3252